Why Choose a DuraGrade Product?

DuraGrade is a product of Milford Manufacturing. For over 13 years DuraGrade products have been helping people, from the do-it-yourselfers to landscaping companies, tackle projects from all different sizes with ease. Constructed with the highest grade of steel and materials, DuraGrade products are designed to take on the most demanding jobs. From leveling ground to picking up rocks, the DuraGrade line has the products you need to get the job done.

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A mini skid and box scraper cuts down on the costly handwork. I was spending too much time with sharp spades between curbs and sidewalks, which was the reason we first started using the box scraper. First thing I noticed when using the box scraper was being able to see much better and not having to stand off to the side of my equipment to see the edge of the bucket.  Also works great for cutting drainage swales and preparing subbase and base materials for pavers and hardscape.   I highly recommend the Duragrade box scraper if you want to reduce hand labor...

Landscape Foreman - Iowa